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Friends & Foodies started in 2012. The inspiration then and now remains the same.

  • Better than homemade. Have the feeling of homemade meals but without the effort. I rely on high-quality ingredients and cook the same way I do for my own family.
  • Flavorful. Each entrée is made fresh and then flash-frozen to keep the flavors bright.
  • Nourishing. Meals are intended to provide your family with a well-balanced combination of protein, vegetables and grains. I encourage you to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to round out your nutritional needs.
  • Conscious. I use organic, local and minimally-processed groceries whenever possible.
  • Colorado-sourced. When I find affordable Colorado produce, meat and products to work into the recipes, I do!

So, go ahead, invite your family and friends over for dinner. They will never know you haven't been cooking in the kitchen all day.




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