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Customer Love

"Friends & Foodies has been a life saver! I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in August 2019.  A friend set up my Friends & Foodies account and it is so much easier than trying to coordinate meal delivery, returning of food containers, finding room in the fridge or freezer. While it is wonderful that people want to help, Trish has made it easy for all of us!  Friends buy a gift certificate and we use it when ordering food.  Trish has also been fantastic in working with me on my current dietary needs, modifying meals to ensure I'm getting the right foods...to top it off, everything is delicious!  We wouldn't be making it through this time as smoothly without Trish and Friends & Foodies!" - Diana Ferguson

 "We love the new website.  We love what you do for us, makes our lives so much easier, plus healthy.  As you probably know the portion control really helps keep the over eating under control.  Thank you again for all the years you have provided us with great, nutritious, and easy to prepare meals!  Good luck with the growth in your business.  We hope to see you in the fortune 500 someday!  :)"  -Dave Luckey & Ann Terry

"I love Friends & Foodies as a fast easy way to feed my family. They offer a wonderful variety in their menus and the quality is outstanding! Delicious!" -Jenny Sunker

 "These meals are a lifesaver on those busy weeknights that have soccer, youth group, and basketball driving me in three directions!" -Julie Dreifaldt

 "I love being able to pull a great homemade meal out of the freezer. It comes in handy when I have to bring main dishes somewhere or have family over." -Betsy Smith




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