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Friends and Foodies Clubs


Foodies Club:

We offer free delivery (within a 5 mile radius) to our customers who commit to ordering a minimum of $250 worth of meals each month.  Foodies Club!  You don’t need to commit to ordering a specific size or number of meals, just commit to placing a $250 minimum order at the beginning of each month and we’ll bring your food to your doorstep.  When you check-out, please indicate that you'd like to commit to the Foodies Club 2.0 and would like to arrange delivery of your order.


Neighborhood Friends Club:

Friends and Foodies will deliver meals to your neighborhood, office, or other "group" anywhere in the Denver Metro Area if the group members commit to placing a minimum order of $600 each month.  Name your "group" and contact us to let us know:

  • you’d like to manage a Neighborhood Friends group
  • the name of the group
  • delivery place and preferred date / time
  • other members of the group

We’ll deliver anywhere in the metro area for FREE if you and your neighbors commit to placing a combined order of at least $600 each month.  We’ll then deliver to one house in your neighborhood and everyone can leave their coolers on that one porch (or to your office and everyone brings their own coolers… whatever). All Group members place your orders separately as you normally would, but just indicate in the pickup notes section when you check out that you’re a part of the Neighborhood Friends Club and which “group” you’re a part of.  This one is fun – you can be really creative.  We really don’t care if you all live in the same neighborhood – it can be a work group where we deliver to your office each month, your school or preschool, gym, etc.  or just a group of friends who all see each other frequently enough to negotiate the distribution of meals after we’ve made the delivery.

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